Masseria San Cosimo

Fishing charter Puglia

Two different proposals, for two ways to experience on the sea. An experience for lovers of unforgettable fishing off the coast of Salento and a sailing experience on a sailing boat / Yatch.

Masseria San Cosimo offers:

  • A day of fishing with exit from the port of San Foca
  • Sailing in a Sailing Boat or Yatch with an exit from the port of Gallipoli.


If you are a lover of the sea and especially of fishing you can not do anything else other than to spend a magnificent day aboard an equipped boat professionally for fishing, a RH700 Novamarine motorized for breathtaking fishing trips. Here is the boat and your disposal for the exit of the port of San Foca, where you will be welcomed and accompanied by an expert guide.

DESCRIPTION of “The Game” Novamarine2

Novamarine2 RH 700

Inflatable Boat of 7 Mt. approved for 8 people to sail without limits from the coast, in class A. It has sophisticated electronics supplied by the company p artner FURUNO with 36Mg Radar, 12 “touch screen depth sounder with 1 Kw bronze probe, MultiBeam Sonar with 20” display, Weather Station and NOOA Wi-Fi connection. Equipped with an Optimax 225cv, it reaches a speed of 52 knots. They are available Auxiliary Engine 9.9 hp for trolling with live and 15 rod holders and a rocket for a total of 18 rod holders.Salento Fishing Charter is TUBERTINI’s technical partner on board you will find all the very new Italian company Bolognese leader in Italy: Canne from Trolling with the live Wave Runner and Black Steel series of 8 and 12 Lbs, Big-Game Rods A-One series 30 Lbs with KOTA reels, spinning and eging rods and reels Vertigo 5500 and luis 5500 series.


Welcome aboard (Captain Andrea Iacovizzi)


The excitement of a day at sea, perhaps with some friends, the reel of the spinning reel, the chirping buzzer … how many times have we heard this music, how many times have we brought fish under the edge from remember.Our intent is to convey these emotions to you and let you learn fishing techniques, aboard our or your boats. Under our guide you can catch the most disparate fish with equipment that is always up to speed and in absolute safety, with often surprising results.

Fishing in full compliance with the regulations and in absolute tranquility can only complete our role at your side, making each outing a moment of encounter between passion for fishing, respect for nature, strong and unforgettable emotions that only the sea can give.


Capt. Igfa Andrea Iacovizzi


On vacation you can give yourself what you normally could not normally do, here is an excursion for lovers of Nature and the sea. From Gallipoli you will be accompanied on an adventure all in the character of Salento, you will be guided by experienced people, and you will be shown the most beautiful places of our land.
You will immerse yourself in crystal clear waters, you will smell the inebriating scent of the sea and photograph unrepeatable colors. If you have professional equipment, you will bring with you indelible images. You can book these fantastic adventures in reception, where you will be notified of all the details and costs.




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